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Course Aims – What you will learn This course aims to improve your confidence and skills with English to help develop your independence in everyday life. This course is aimed at people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities who require a supported learning environment. Our supported curriculum offering includes many courses but the overall intent of these courses is to build supported learners’ confidence, help to develop relationships and reduce social isolation, build social and life skills and become more independent in everyday life. Students will develop skills and confidence with recognising letters and reading and writing. Students will develop their confidence in reading and writing in everyday life. Students will learn letter recognition, alphabetical ordering, spelling and using English in day-to-day life. How you will be taught, and your understanding checked Your tutor will work with you to understand your comfort level at the start of the course and helping agree a learning plan for you to get the most out of this course. In class, your lessons will be delivered through a mix of whole class teaching, small group activity and open discussions to encourage the sharing of ideas and teamwork: all supported by your tutor. Students will develop their confidence in reading and writing, improve their spelling, learn basic grammar, and improve their English in day-to-day life. Your tutor will encourage you to develop your confidence in communication through a range of situations and provide feedback to ensure you are getting the most from the course. Progression – What you will be able to do next Following the successful completion of this course, we intend for each student to be able to maintain their developed English skills and improved sense of self-confidence and wellbeing. Students could go onto enrolling for a higher standard English course and work towards a qualification. Or they could also enrol on other supported courses, such as ‘Supported Maths’ or one of our Projects aimed at supported learners to continue developing their confidence through learning new skills and socially engaging with other likeminded students. If space is permitting, you could also re-enroll onto ‘Supported English’ next term and further practice those skills you will have already developed. Alternatively, you can be supported to look for work or volunteering opportunities.
  • Days & Dates: 9th January 2024 to 26th March 2024
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  • Adults aged 19+ with LLDD needs

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