Vera Media


Courses for adults in community venues, free to people on most benefits and to asylum seekers. Courses including English for women who are Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Introduction to Working in Child-Care, next steps for volunteers, and more. Courses usually run for one session a week for 10-12 weeks, but some are intensive. All classes are for women only.

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English course locations for Vera Media

Ingram Road Primary School

  • Address: Vera Media
    Ingram Road Primary School, Brown Lane East, Leeds, LS11 9LA

Vera Meda at Asha

  • Address: Vera Media
    Stratford Street, Leeds, LS11

Hillside Office

  • Address: Vera Media
    Hillside Office, Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 8ND

Vera Media at Richmond Hill Academy

  • Address: Vera Media
    Richmond Hill Academy, Clark Ln, , Leeds,, LS9 8PN

Vera Media at Hillcrest Academy

  • Address: Vera Media
    Hillcrest Academy, Cowper St, , Leeds,, LS7 4DR

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