Accredited ESOL for Adults at Entry Level 1, 2 and 3

Our Adult ESOL Programme is for learners who are developing their English language skills in order to support entry into employment and integration into the English culture. Unlike alternative Functional Skills English courses, our ESOL course is delivered using the specific teaching, learning and assessment techniques for those with English as a second language. The Functional Skills English delivery, in opposition, is a programme designed for those with English already as their native language.

Our Adult ESOL programmes run on various days for 8 hours in total. Delivery is based primarily in Cleethorpes, with one class per week delivered at the Skills Hub, 146 Freeman Street. All learners will work towards the completion of a NOCN Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life through the completion of the following qualifications:

Speaking and Listening



The level of qualification will be dependent upon the outcome of stringent diagnostic and initial assessment. The programme is currently offered at Entry Level 1, 2 and 3.

  • Days & Dates: Tuesday: 9.15am-12pm and 12.30pm-3pm
    Wednesday: 9.15am-12pm and 12.30pm-3pm
    Thursday: 9.15am-12pm and 12.30pm-3pm
    Friday: 9.15am-12pm and 12.30pm-3pm
  • Enrolment: Open
  • Cost: £4 per class
  • Course Duration: Ongoing
  • Accreditations: Accredited Course
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  • Accessible: Yes

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Learning 4 Life-Gy
  • Course Address:
    The Warehouse
    The Warehouse, 155-159 Freeman Street, Grimsby , DN32 7AR

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