Speaking and Writing Support

The YES Speaking and Writing Support Sessions are designed to give you a much-needed chance to improve your:

– conversation/speaking/accuracy/fluency (formal and informal modes)/
formal presentation/discussion/debating/team-working/pronunciation/other verbal communication skills

and/or your:

– written accuracy/structure and sequencing in essays, reports, projects, and literature or other reviews/writing for different purposes/note-taking/writing at work, school, college and home/formal and informal writing/planning/researching

You will benefit from any or all of these sessions no matter what your situation is. For example, if you are:

– at university, college or school (as an adult or young person)
– in a job you find difficult or challenging (either with writing/organisation, or in speaking to colleagues or managers)
– looking for a new job and need help with your cv or cover letter
– trying to make new friends or business contacts
– doing some blogging or vlogging

we believe you will find something of use and interest to you!

You can join the speaking, writing or both sessions at any time! Please state your preference, and goals you wish to achieve, when you enquire.

  • Enrolment: Open
  • Accreditations: British Council, Non-Accredited
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Additional information

  • Accessible: Yes
  • Childcare: Yes - Please speak to the course manager before starting.
    Children Allowed: Yes - Please speak to the course manager before starting.

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Yorkshire English School
  • Course Address:
    Yorkshire English School
    32 John William Street, Huddersfield, Kirklees, HD1 1BG

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