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Our weekly drama workshops for women are restarting. We meet every Friday afternoon at Patrick Studios, St. Mary’s Lane, LS9 7EH to make friends, have fun and develop our skills. All our workshops are free to attend and everyone is welcome. Places must be booked as capacity is limited.

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English course locations for Mafwa Theatre

Mafwa Theatre at Patrick Studios

  • Address: Mafwa Theatre
    St Mary's Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7EH

Mafwa Theatre Lincoln Greeners Project

  • Address: Mafwa Theatre
    Gardening Group, Roxby Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7LR

MAFWA Theatre

  • Address: Mafwa Theatre
    CLAY, , 1-2 Regent Street,, Leeds, LS2 7QA
  • Additional Information:

    Our weekly drama workshops for women are restarting. They will take place online or in person (at CLAY, 1-2 Regent Street, LS2 7QA). The workshops focus on building resilience and promoting wellbeing through drama, voice and movement. Our workshops are free to attend and open to refugees, asylum seekers and settled communities in Leeds. They are a great opportunity to practise English, make new friends and get creative. We have funding for data and devices to help participants take part. Places must be booked as capacity is limited.


One Community Centre

  • Address: Mafwa Theatre
    One Community Centre, Cromwell Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7SG

Wider learning opportunities by Mafwa Theatre

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