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Where can I learn English in Yorkshire and the Humber?

If you’ve just moved to Yorkshire or the Humber, you may need to learn English or improve your English language skills to access training, gain employment and participate in society. Finding local English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes can be challenging. That’s why Learning English in Yorkshire and the Humber (LEYH), developed by the Migrant English Support Hub (MESH) with funding from Migration Yorkshire, was established. If you’re a new arrival or long-term resident, LEYH can help you fulfil your potential by directing you to locally available English resources in Yorkshire and the Humber.

What is the benefit of using LEYH?

LEYH is a specialist online hub that lists the latest local and online resources for ESOL learners in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Current resources can be found in one place, and you can easily locate the nearest course by entering a postcode. LEYH lists courses that cater to a variety of needs. For example, if you need childcare or female-only classes, you’ll be able to find the closest suitable class to you. Please be aware that LEYH is a directory that lists, rather than runs, classes. While we can offer support, you will need to contact the providers directly to book your place or find out more.

Why go through LEYH, rather than carry out my own search?

Before LEYH, there was no centralised or coordinated way for learners (or those helping them) to find suitable local classes to meet their needs. LEYH allows you to search all local courses listed, finding the one that most suits your needs. You can select your class safe in the knowledge that all providers have been reviewed and approved by LEYH and MESH. On LEYH, learners have voiced how beneficial it is to access information about local provisions. For example, one learner mentioned travelling several miles to attend a class before he learned from LEYH that a class was available at the bottom of his street.

I’m an ESOL professional, not a learner. Can I still use LEYH?

Our data shows that it can be useful for learners to have support when searching for local ESOL resources. However, LEYH is dedicated to helping learners learn or improve their English skills by directing them to a suitable provision. If you’re looking for helpful, professional ESOL resources, news and events, you might want to check out Learning English Plus (LE+). LE+ is an online resource that supports ESOL professionals in meeting their full potential. If you’re a resource provider, please feel free to get in touch via LEYH or LE+ – we are always on the lookout for the latest ESOL updates.

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