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Real English YouTube channel

Hi, my name’s Josh and I started my YouTube channel as I was thought it’d be great for English language learners to have exposure to ‘real’ English, as spoken by the kind of people they’ll be speaking to when they’re out in England, experiencing real English life. Learning in a formal setting is great and of course very important. But sometimes it can feel quite daunting when you try to use what you’ve learned out in the real world. So these videos will hopefully smooth that transition from the classroom to ‘normal’ life, and the subtitles should also help a lot too. 

In the videos you’ll find expressions and colloquialisms that you may not have heard before, and a speed of speaking that’s very natural. Watching the videos a few times will help a lot with pronunciation and also listening. And they’re also hopefully a great way to learn something about the likes and dislikes, concerns, preferences, and just some of things that make English people English! 

Thanks a lot for watching! 

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