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Finding the best online course for you

There are now 60+ online courses listed on the website. These courses are all being run out of the Yorkshire and Humber region. We also have a few courses listed that are based in other regions but because they are online they are accessible by anyone anywhere.

When you are choosing an online course you may want to look at the map to check where your course provider is based. As things gradually open up as the lockdown rules are loosened, it may be beneficial for you to be joining a class that is easily accessible from where you live. That way, if your course changes from being online to being face to face, you will be able to carry on attending and may already know others in the group.

As you look for an online class you may like to consider the following questions.

What should I expect from an online class? 

Each class will vary according to the provider and the teacher but you can expect plenty of speaking and listening. It is very likely that the teacher will share things on the screen for you to read or talk about. There may be a shared writing activity where you take part by writing on a shared whiteboard on the screen. The activities you do will depend on your level and the level of the class. Some teachers may offer addition support by sending documents through whats app. You may be asked to take a photograph of work you have completed and send it to your teacher. 

Which online class should I choose?

This will depend on you and what you need. Look carefully at the description of the class as this will say who the class is for. If there is a contact number or email address you could contact them to check if the class is a good fit for you.  

Is there anything I will need to have with me for an online class?

You will need sufficient wifi to be able to join the class and also a device to be able to join. This could be a computer, tablet or phone. Remember, the larger your screen, the easier it will be to read and interact with the lesson. But ESOL teachers are aware that most students are accessing classes on their phones and plan accordingly. You will also probably need a notebook and something to write with. And to be in a quiet environment with no background noise (television/radio etc)

Will I get any certification? 

This will depend on the class you choose. If you are not sure from the class description, this is a question you could ask at the start of the class.

Will I get any one to one time with the teacher? 

It is unlikely that you will get one to one time with the teacher unless you ask for it specifically. A teacher may be able to give you a few minutes at the start or end of the class (as with a face to face class) but longer one to one time may not be available. It depends on the teacher and the time that they have.

Are there set times to classes or do I request a time? 

Most, if not all, classes will be a set times. This  information is usually in the description of the class.

Can I get a one to one lesson with the teacher? 

It is unlikely that one to one lessons are available but you could ask for this. It is likely you would need to pay a private tuition fee to be able to do this. 

What kind of things are covered in the class? 

This will vary greatly depending both on the class and the level but all classes will cover developing skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

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