Have your say! Help us tailor our ESOL resource service

At Learning English in Yorkshire and the Humber (LEYH), we’re committed to improving our resource provision for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learners and those that support them. As such, we are currently collecting voluntary data insights from our users. 

You may have noticed prompts around the website asking you for information. The prompts are a normal part of our service. If you choose to contribute, it should take less than a minute or two of your time.


Why do you need my data?

Collecting your data enables us to tailor our ESOL resource service, providing exactly what you need to succeed. If a question (or series of questions) appears as you browse LEYH, please consider offering your insight. While it should only take a moment of your time, it’s extremely useful in helping us to improve and maintain the quality of our ESOL support provision.

Do you store my personal information?

No. We collect anonymous data; no personal details such as names or contact details are requested or held. No answers are attributed to specific individuals. Our aim is simply to capture enough general information to understand what our users need from LEYH.

Do I have to fill out the information?

No. Answering the questions is not compulsory and will not impact or restrict your use of the LEYH resource. If you do not wish to answer the questions, please decline the questionnaire, and it will disappear from view. You can then use the website as usual.

Will I get popups every time I use LEYH?

If you revisit the site multiple times within 30 days you are unlikely to see the same questionnaire twice. Our short questionnaires are non-intrusive and intuitive, only appearing to collect new or relevant information. However, they are based on cookies.

So, if you clear your cookies or the cookie expires (usually after 30 days) it is possible to see the same questionnaire twice.

Can I answer on an ESOL learner’s behalf?

If you’re an ESOL professional, tutor, volunteer, or supporting an ESOL learner on their learning journey, you are more than welcome to input the data they provide. We do not collect any personal data and no answers are attributed to individuals. Our aim is to collect enough general information to improve and maintain our ESOL resource service.

Do you welcome additional insights?

Absolutely! If you would like to provide information or give feedback about our service that is not covered by our questionnaires, please get in touch via our contact form, and a member of our team will respond. 

We welcome your feedback – LEYH is a growing database, and we aim to tailor it to the needs of our users.

We hope you'll take the time to complete our survey and help improve Learning English. le logo box

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