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Getting the most out of LEYH Resources

Learning English in Yorkshire and Humber (LEYH) is a place to find English language classes across the Yorkshire and Humber region. LEYH is suitable for all people who move to the UK and need to learn English as a second language, acting as a springboard to improve English language skills. With improved English skills, migrants and refugees with valuable qualifications and experience are more readily able to access training, gain employment and participate in society.

In reality, it can be difficult to find information about ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes and courses. That’s why LEYH aims to make it easier.

To date, LEYH has registered 134 providers, delivering 149 classes in 239 locations across the region.

By simply typing in your postcode and how far you can travel, a broad range of nearby classes appears at your fingertips. But what if you need free classes? Classes that are only for women or classes with childcare. We understand that a class being close is just the start of catering for your learning needs (or the needs of those you’re supporting). Within the LEYH site, you can search:

English Language Providers by Providers by Area – A comprehensive list of ESOL class providers in each area within the Yorkshire and Humber region. From refugee advice in Barnsley to accredited ESOL courses in Leeds, you’ll find the course that suits your needs.

English Language Providers Advanced Search – Here you can not only search by postcode and distance, you can select free or online classes only, search by the days you can attend, language level and required qualification. You can also select from categories or type in a keyword to tailor your search. A map view of local classes is available to visualise how far apart classes are.

English Language Free Classes – Budgetary constraints can be a stumbling block, particularly if you’re a new arrival with many administrative concerns to deal with. We’ve listed the available local free classes to help get you started.

English Language Conversational Skills ClassesIf you require English conversational skills, you can find a comprehensive list of local classes at this link. 

English Language Classes with ChildcareNeed a class with childcare? No problem. It’s not easy trying to learn English language skills with little ones around, so we’ve listed the courses where childcare is available. 

English Language Women Only ClassesHere, you can find a list of regional classes that cater directly to women, allowing you to build your English skills aiding cultural understanding and integration in a same-sex environment. 

Finally, did you know that we now have a specialist hub for ESOL tutors, volunteers and providers? Learning English Plus is a growing database of teaching resources, news, events and training opportunities to support ESOL provision across the Yorkshire and Humber region. 

At LEYH, we’re committed to making it easier for ESOL learners and professionals to find the resources they need quickly. Please get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to help.

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