Face to face weekend classes in Leeds City Centre

Turn up any Saturday to be registered for free.

Every Saturday:

10am – 12pm Elementary Class

10am – 12pm Pre-Intermediate Class

12pm – 2pm Intermediate Class

12pm – 2pm Advanced Class

Qualified, volunteer teachers.  Structured syllabus. 8-10 students per class.

2pm – 4pm: “Coffee and Conversation” – students and volunteers go to a local coffee shop for a general chit-chat!

  • Course Address: English4All
    St Georges Centre, Great George Street, Leeds , LS3 1AD
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  • Additional Location Information:

    We meet for face to face classes on a Saturday at St Georges Centre, Great George Street in Leeds

  • Days & Dates: Saturday: 10am - 2pm
    Course starts 5th March 2022
  • Cost: Free
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  • Accessible: Yes

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Contact the provider about this course

  • Course Address:
    St Georges Centre, Great George Street, Leeds , LS3 1AD

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