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Learn English in a friendly and welcoming mix group at Sheffield Foyer. This is a new conversation class for Foyer residents but welcomes people living in the local area / community.

This is a FREE class which holds open sessions. In the long term, the class aims to include activities such as cooking or playing pool while learning to speak English. No registration needed but ID will be required / checked for access to the class. Learners must be 18+. If you are below 18, please contact SAVTE or Sheffield Foyer.

  • Days & Dates: Monday: 19:00 - 20:00 (7pm - 8pm)
    Course starts 20th October 2019
  • Enrolment: Open - Starts 20th October 2019
  • Cost: Free
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Additional information

  • Accessible: Yes - Please check in advance
  • Limited spaces are available for parking
  • Limited spaces are available for parking

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Sheffield English Language Support (SAVTE)
  • Course Address:
    Sheffield Foyer
    2 Spring Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 2JQ

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