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Access to Higher Education

Going to University

Welcome to our information page on going to university.  You will find information and links here which will help you to go to university in the UK.  There is information here on applying, and on funding for university for refugees and others.  There is also information on English language requirements for different groups of migrants.  Scroll through the different sections to find what you need.

University in the UK

University in the UK

Courses at different levels

University in the UK

How to apply for Universities in the UK

Scroll through these slides to find information on how you apply for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and when to apply. There is also information here on what qualifications you may need and what to do if you have qualifications from another country.

How do I pay for my University degree?

Look at these slides to find information on the regulations around funding if you want to go to university. The rules are different for people with different kinds of immigration status. The first few slides will help you to understand how your status will affect how you pay for university, and show you what to look at next. The information here is mostly for people who live in our region – Yorkshire & Humber, part of England. The rules are a little different if you live in Wales and Northern Ireland, and quite different if you live in Scotland.

English for Higher Education

You need to be confident with your English to study at University, whatever subject you are studying. Universities have different ways of assessing the English of Home Students and International Students. Look at these slides to understand more. Many universities offer support to help you with your English before you start your degree. See some examples here from universities in our region, and some other ways you can work on your English to get ready to study.

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