Green Cottage Language School


Our team of experienced tutors teaches English through the art of conversation in a relaxing, engaging way. Holistic English We start our outdoor classes in May with a guided historical tour of the place we are at. The language of the tour is adjusted to the level of the students. Later we sit down on the blankets, and students learn the words and expressions from the tour. Finally, we practice some basic relaxation exercises, yoga or meditation to call it a day. Outdoor English During our language trips in the UK, we take students out of the classroom teaching English in action and promoting ecological values. We walk, practice English, and make new friends in Yorkshire’s mesmerizing Nature. Some classes during the Summer take place in the forest. We also teach on a one-to-one basis or in small groups at our location in Headingley.

Locations for Green Cottage Language School

Green Cottage Language School

  • Address: Green Cottage Language School
    25 Cottage Road, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS64DD
Green Cottage Language School

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